Lucero – The War

A while back I was sifting through gigposters when I found a bunch of sweet posters for The Dead Weather. The style of the posters reminded me of old photocopies with translucent grey layers. With some searching I found that Aesthetic Apparatus was the mastermind behind these prints. The layout of Aesthetic Apparatus’s website is simple yet follows the style of prints produced. You can see how dynamic Aesthetic Apparatus’s artwork is by flipping through the multiple pages of posters and art prints. Above is a print done for Lucero by Aesthetic Apparatus, when I first saw this print I automatically thought of the song The War by Lucero. The layers within the poster come together to create the battered feel of war. When the layers are separated you can see multiple symbols that represent aspects of war. Lucero’s The War is one of those songs I would put on my bucket list to hear live if I had a bucket list. The slow chord progression of southern guitars with the rough vocals of Ben Nichols telling the story of one soldier’s point of view is just the surface of what Lucero has to offer.


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