Winter Sky

So I’ve started developing some ideas for thumbnails of posters I want to create. I was flipping through my photo album on my computer to get ideas when I came across a photo I took this past winter. Every winter night I spend time adding wood to the wood stove to make sure it doesn’t go out during the night. One night I went outside to make sure the smoke was flowing out the stack when I saw the moon bright as can be reflecting against the stainless steel of the chimneystack. The smoke drawing from the stack headed towards the moonlight connecting the presence of made objects with nature. I know the quality of the picture sucks, but I just wanted to give an idea of what I’m talking about.

Transition: Winter = Wood Fire = Joe Biden’s Hair = Kodiak Brown Bear = Summer

Check out Trucks & Tedeschi Band – Midnight In Harlem, this is one of those songs you listen to after dealing with the brutal heat all day and all you want to do is pretend to fall asleep with a half working fan and the sound of bull frogs out side your window.


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