The Physics of Whiskey In The Jar

All right, I don’t know if it’s having to much coffee today or binging on Thin Lizzy but Brainstorm Print and Design is winning me over. This team makes some killer art prints covering a wide range of ideas. I’ve been listening to There Were Wires and Thin Lizzy to rid the coffee shakes and stumbled across Brainstorm’s art prints. The simplistic design elements really push forward the negative space giving the prints a complex yet relaxed sensation. Seriously, if you like the feeling of a relaxed summer day, Notorious B.I.G., or BEARS! Check them out. The brutalness behind Massachusetts’s There Were Wires instills the thought let it all out and do what you love. It’s a shame they’re no longer, but some of the former band members have great bands like Doomriders. Listening to Thin Lizzy’s dual guitar leads sounds so simple but packs such an important punch in the sound that defines Thin Lizzy from other classic rock bands. Both these bands resemble similar ethics to Brainstorm Print and Design, do what you love, keep it simple, and let them know what’s up.


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