Fine Wine and Cheese

The above print comes from Daniel Danger for a Black Keys concert. Check out his site, his work has a very mysterious aspect to it in which I think every print could have a whole book written about it. I picked this print, because it reminded me a lot of an old abandoned mental hospital near by that has a huge auditorium in it which looks very similar to the print (auditorium picture). When I look at both the print and the auditorium picture, it reminds me of possessions taken for granted that eventually fall apart from the effects of time and gravity. In our minds we try to reconstruct what is left, so we can somewhat appreciate what was once there. Just as the album The ’59 Sound by The Gaslight Anthem revives what is disregarded, plus this album could raise a bullet ridden WWII boat from the cold Atlantic. The Gaslight Anthem – The Patient Ferris Wheel    The Gaslight Anthem – Once Upon A Time


About inkgrind

Poster art, design, and music
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