Cory Branan String Breaking Machine

I recently saw The Revival Tour in Providence RI, The Revival Tour is a collection of punk rock musician with acoustic guitars doing what they do best on stage. The show was four hours of non stop music, with Tom Gabel, and Chuck Ragan being the highlight of the show for myself. Cory Branan was the most memorable part of the show.  I have never listen to Cory Branan before I saw him play The Revival Tour. His intense finger picking  combined with his style of never playing a song the same way twice is a recking to deal with. Below Cory Branan playing “The Corner” with Chuck Ragan backing vocals and on harmonica. 

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Dingoes cannot bark – but they can howl.

Poster created by Chris Richardson for the punk bands Pour Habit and Smoke or Fire.

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Mid July

When I listen to Alabama Shakes I cannot wait to shudder away the chills of early spring and welcome the warm summer days. There music reminds me of the beer soaked nights in July when peepers out down by the stream are louder than the glass pack cars speeding by attempting to outrun the heat left over by the mid day sun. You can’t help but think there aren’t many nights like this so enjoy them. The Print above comes from Lance Lester for Alabama Shakes spring tour 2012.

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Music from Winnipeg

The above print is by illustrator Randy Ortiz for the hardcore noise makers from Winnipeg Ken Mode.

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“Portland is the city where young people go to retire”

The above print comes from Gregg Gordon in a series dedicated to iconic cities. Check out his site, his style has a unique sense to it in the sense that the prints have a strong silkscreen feel to them. The hard lines combined with variety of colors and negative space remind me of the steps one thinks about before laying out a design to be silkscreened. The title for this post comes from the following show below. Not all people in Portland are lazy, it looks like a cool town where you can eat crazy donuts and coffee before you throw away your map and get lost in the city. Or until you get kicked out for a negative comment about Ohio and have to go live in the wilderness filled with moss covered rocks and make friends with a brown bear named Cody.

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“Ignorance is the parent of fear”

The above print comes from Matt Pringle entitled “Thar She Blows”, the print is available here. While focusing on Moby Dick you might enjoy a loose concept album based on the massive whale called Leviathan by Mastodon. Below is Iron Tusk one of the songs from the album.

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Avett Brothers Tour Posters

The following poster are from the works of Charles Crisier.

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